TealRay Media

TealRay Media presently has two divisions:  Community Portals and On-Line Custom Goods.

Community Portals

A community portal is a website that lists organizations and their activities, linking to their sites. It's a great resource on the Internet for finding groups, plus it helps those groups promote their events. We presently have two community portal projects underway:

Arts.TealRay.com.  This site provides a portal for the arts community.  This site provides a listing of many local arts companies and their upcoming events.  The service is offered free.  Arts companies includes theatre, dance, ballet, choral, recital, class, workshop, film, sculpture, and more.

Clubs.TealRay.com.  This site provides a portal for community clubs around the world.  This site presently provides a comprehensive listing of Model Railroading clubs and their upcoming events.  The service is offered free.  Community clubs for all sorts of hobbies or activities are welcome to join!

Additional community portals are planned for communities such as user groups, and children's activities.

On-Line Custom Goods

TealRay Media created a limited selection of high quality t-shirts which we encourage you to peruse and purchase! Our best-selling t-shirt is "My Other - Cat".

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